Parsnips, Buttered – Joe Lycett

“How to win at modern life; one email at a time.”

So I’m finally getting round to reviewing one of the books I got for Christmas last year, and let’s start this off by saying I’m a little biased. I think Joe Lycett is absolutely hilarious. I think his stand up is amazing, and it’s so petty and insignificant it makes such an impact on the comedic scale. I was delighted to find out that as well as his tours being on Amazon Prime Video, he’d also written a book a few years back. Although unsure how his comedy would translate into book form, at just over 200 pages (paperback) there’s absolutely nothing to lose. The form and “chapters” of this book are really bitesize too, which really helps ‘divvy’ the book up into sittings and shift subjects on a dime. I found myself towards the end wishing that it was much longer, which is a sign of really enjoying it… right?

The book is divided up into around 25 small chapters, each covering how you can ‘win’ at modern day life. From how to contest a parking fine, figuring out you’re being scammed and even tackling ISIS, prepare to chuckle at the frankly ridiculous conversations had by our favourite Brummie ‘bab. The style of writing is easy, and it’s really quick to digest. My only complaint was that there wasn’t enough of it.

I really don’t want to spoil this book, because each page genuinely is gold dust. But perusing through his aliases used to absolutely troll targets, you sometimes forget you’re reading something by Joe Lycett. Peter Peterson might be a complete fabrication of a comedians mind, but to me he will always be a private investigator lurking in the shadows of my deepest darkest secrets; and for that I will always be scared. (eh read the book and you’ll see where I’m coming from). He throws curve balls to both us the reader and his targets which cause all the more hilarity, and as an accompaniment I strongly suggest following him on all social media (particular highlights are Instagram and Twitter).

With all due respect, you can tell Joe has absolutely fuck all else to do, so to be able to get a glimpse into how he spends his time on this earth is nothing short of a miracle. Having followed his comedy for a few years now, it really is great to see his jokes maturing. His early stuff is great too, but now there’s a thread through his tours, a coherence with his delivery and it comes across all the better for it.

Bit of a cop out if you’re reading this and expecting more of a review from me… oh well. In partial tribute to Joe, I would really like to take a quick look at a few amazon reviews that have been left by people reading this book. The absolute hilarity!! If you have a spare 5 minutes I thoroughly recommend looking at the Amazon reviews for your favourite book, you won’t be disappointed.

See you’re destroying the planet here, Geoff. Please use a recycling bin next time, Mother Nature will be much obliged. It’s also worthy to note that over 60 books can be made from a single tree, so it’s more like a waste of a branch really.

“It was a best for bad language”. Get in the fucking bin, cozee.

Well well well well well…. where do I bloody begin! The weird obsession with emails I’ll grant Hannah, as Joe does prefer this method of contact above all else. Fair point, taken. The thing I question is thinking it’s so rubbish you finish it at 3am. Surely that’s the sign of a GOOD book am I right lads?

It’s nice to see that this person was alive and remembers a lovely mid summers day in 1964, within the grounds of a high security prison where the last capital punishments in the United Kingdom took place. It’s also nice to see that 3 people, miraculously, found this review helpful.

There you have it! For a great, light, comedic read look no further! There’s worse you’ve spent your hard earned pennies on.


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