The Authenticity Project – Clare Pooley

Six strangers, one things in common

So since the last review, I have a new job, a new home and a new dog. I hope you might be able to forgive me for the long time since the last post? Thanks in advance ;).

The concept of this book is a bit twee, and it’s one of those rare books that start off like a little shuttle train made in 1930. By the end we’re steaming along on the Japanese Bullet Train and picking up steam the whole way……. My point is keep at it if you’re struggling 50 pages in, the rewarding ending grows chapter by chapter.

The premise is this, Julian writes in his journal all of the truths in his life, mainly a really sad loneliness. He further writes “You might decide to tell your own truth in these pages and pass my little book on,” at the end of his entry. “What happens next is up to you.” he tells us non-threateningly, and so we follow the next person who picks the book up. The main problem I have with the book stems from here. There’s too many people trying to be a protagonist.

This doesn’t mean to say Pooley tries. Pooley attempts with gusto for us to really connect with the characters presented within the book, but I think it falls a little flat. Obviously we see Monica and Julian more as people because we naturally spend more time, and pages with them. For example, the woman who spends all her time on social media (I can’t even remember her name at this point) seems to fade into the background as soon as her chapters are complete, whereas Monica and Julian return to the forefront. It just feels a tiny bit haphazard and muddled.

Without this review coming across as hap-hazard, this doesn’t mean that this book isn’t a charming, escapist little ‘authenic’ tale… because that’s absolutely what it is. It’s a lovely little tale which does what it intends to do, make the reader feel cozy and happy when you finish. Apologies this review is a little on the short side, but that’s it really. There’s a couple of neat twists towards the end, and some cliches thrown in. It truly is a tale of its genre and let’s be fair, there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! All good happy fun 🙂

Also! For my dear friends who are currently reading this from the UK. Bookshop UK has launched and you can find all the details here. It’s basically a large network of indie book stores that are rivalling Amazon, giving just as much choice, discount and amazing online ordering powers as normal! It’s nice to know that at least the next few purchases I’m going to make are helping someone out, especially going into a second lockdown. Buy local where you can people! (Note I haven’t been asked to put this here, I just think it’s a really cool idea).

Also also! You may have noticed that one of my favourite authors, Giovanna Fletcher is won I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!!!!!!!!!! Just would like to say I’m very proud of her!


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