A Right Royal Affair – Helen Juliet

A by the book, M/M fairy tale romance!

Okay, so we’re back to trashy romance again. So tune out if you’re expecting non-fiction but OMG guys let’s get into it. 🙂

A Right Royal Affair is the latest in those books that for better or worse, live in “Red, White and Royal Blue” ‘s shadow. Featuring the stereotypical Prince of England yet again, but this time pairing him with a normal, dare I say ‘common’ guy who gets invited to the palace to celebrate his Nan getting an MBE (which is actually a completely plausible concept, and it’s actually quite nice to see that the initial meeting/first part of the book is somewhat accurate in how these events occur).

The plot follows some of your typical tropes. Protagonists forming a natural friendship, they open up to each other about troubled pasts, before falling in love. It’s tried and tested and I’m pleased to say Helen Juliet doesn’t stray too far from the well traversed path. Although it must be said I still thoroughly enjoyed it, which is a real testament to a writers ability when you know more or less what’s going to happen.

There’s a good enemy to hate, and some good controversy which threatens the newly forged couple, which in turn leads to a nice ending. I wouldn’t call it the best royal romance, or even the best MM book out there, but it’s certainly not the worst and it was a really good Sunday afternoon chilled out read none the less. To be quite honest, I read it two days ago and can barely remember too many details from the book, which isn’t that important, it’s just worth pointing out that besides a few characters, it might be a tiny bit unremarkable.

A short and sweet review, and in what is becoming a common theme for this blog; for a soapy, lovey duvvy romance you really can’t go wrong with this one. It’s over dramatic to a tee, and it’s trashy, unrealistic and sappy to the end… I absolutely loved it.


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